Dr. Henning Buddenbaum

Research Assistant

Trier University
Faculty VI
Regional and Environmental Sciences
Environmental Remote Sensing & Geoinformatics
54286 Trier, Germany


BrandSat - Kartierung der Waldbrandgefahr mit fernerkundlichen und meteorologischen Daten (Verbundprojekt mit der HU Berlin)


EnMap is a hyperspectral Earth observation satellite that is built in Germany. It is planned to start in 2020. In the EnMAP Science Advisory Group (EnSAG), we develop algorithms for using hyperspectral satellite data for forestry applications. The focus is on mapping drought and other plant stress. Further foci are on networking with national and international scientists and to prepare potential users.

Selected Publications

M.S. Watt, H. Buddenbaum, E.M.C. Leonardo, H.J. Estarija, H.E. Bown, M. Gomez-Gallego, R.J.L. Hartley, G.D. Pearse, P. Massam, L. Wright & P.J. Zarco-Tejada (2020): Monitoring biochemical limitations to photosynthesis in N and P-limited radiata pine using plant functional traits quantified from hyperspectral imagery.Remote Sensing of Environment, 248, 112003. DOI

J. Hill, H. Buddenbaum & P.A. Townsend (2019):  Imaging Spectroscopy of Forest Ecosystems: Perspectives for the Use of Space-borne Hyperspectral Earth Observation Systems. Surveys in Geophysics, 40 (3), 631-656. DOI

H. Buddenbaum, O. Stern, B. Paschmionka, E. Hass, T. Gattung, J. Stoffels, J. Hill & W. Werner (2015): Using VNIR and SWIR Field Imaging Spectroscopy for Drought Stress Monitoring of Beech Seedlings. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 36 (18): 4590-4605. DOI

H. Buddenbaum, S. Seeling & J. Hill (2013): Fusion of full waveform LiDAR and imaging spectroscopy remote sensing data for the characterization of forest stands. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 34 (13): 4511-4524. DOI

H. Buddenbaum, O. Stern, M. Stellmes, J. Stoffels, P. Pueschel, J. Hill & W. Werner (2012): Field Imaging Spectroscopy of Beech Seedlings under Dryness Stress. Remote Sensing, 4: 3721-3740. DOI

Full list of Publications

Further activities

Hyperspectral Flights

Imaging Field Spectroscopy of Beech Seedlings

Airborne Laserscanning

Laboratory Imaging Spectroscopy of Soil Profiles