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1.     Aggregation in Kapitalmärkten

Adam-Müller, Axel. F.A.; Huang, James; Zhang, Zhengjun „The Joint Effect of Heterogeneous Beliefs and Preferences on Asset Prices”, Working Paper

2.     Bilanzierung und Risikomanagement

Adam-Müller, Axel F.A.; Erkens Michael E. „Disclosure Compliance, Enforcement and Cultural Values: Evidence from Corporate Risk Disclosure”, Working Paper


3.     Indirektes Risikomanagement

Adam-Müller, Axel F.A.; van der Neut, Tobias D. „Basis Risk, Production and Indirect Hedging with Options and Futures”, Working Paper

4.     Standortwahl unter Nachfragerisiko

Adam-Müller, Axel F.A.; Wong, Kit-.Pong „Optimal Location Under Demand Uncertainty”, Working Paper