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This project, led by Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Rieger and Dr. Lea Shih, will explore cultural influences on cross-border economic activities, and compare different cultural framing of public opinion on new legal challenges in the increasingly digitalized world. The planned studies focus on the cross-border transfer of culture and knowledge between Germany and China.

This project is embedded in the economic sciences but also relies on the East Asian and East European competences of sinology, Japanese and Slavic studies and on the expertise of colleagues from law. In addition to the Trier University, four other universities (TU Dortmund, Duisburg-Essen, WHU (Koblenz) and NCCU (Taiwan) are part of the project.


Subproject 1: Chinese and Germans: Cultural Differences of Attitudes to Fairness, Equality and Globalization (Leitung: Prof. Marc Oliver Rieger, Uni Trier)

Subproject 2: Economic Preferences of Chinese Immigrants in Germany (Leitung: Dr. Sumit Deole, TU Dortmund)

Subproject 3: Chinese Companies in Germany and “Collectivist Entrepreneurship” (Leitung: Prof. Mei Wang, WHU (Koblenz)

Subproject 4: Institutionell Transfers in Chinese Economic Development (Leitung: Prof. Markus Taube, Uni Duisburg-Essen)

Subproject 5: Chinese Aluminum Firms: Their Way to Success (Leitung: Prof. Xenia Matschke, Uni Trier)

Subproject 6: Public Perception and Attitudes towards Intellectual Property Rights – A Cross-country Comparison (Leitung: Prof. Katrin Muehlfeld, Uni Trier)

Subproject 7: Regulating Autonomous Vehicles and Artificial Intelligence, A Dialogue between Law and Economics (Leitung: Prof. Thomas Rüfner, Uni Trier)



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