Research cluster "Cultures in Transition"

[Translate to Englisch:] Transkulturalität und ihre Grenzen:  Wechselbeziehungen zwischen Schlüsselregionen in Europa und Ostasien  Forschungsverbund an der Universität Trier

The interdisciplinary research cluster "Cultures in Transition" deals with overlapping phenomena and demarcation processes between and within societies. On the one hand, globalization has accelerated numerous cross-cultural phenomena. On the other hand, the renationalization processes currently taking place in many parts of the world clearly show that exchange and dialogue do not automatically lead to the desired result, and also that the models developed in the relevant research so far are not sufficient to describe all phenomena in a differentiated way.

Geographical core areas of the network are Europe and East Asia, since this Eurasian cultural area, with its long history of cultural contacts, has correspondingly broad historical dimensions and phenomena in (post-)socialist societies (such as the People's Republic of China and the former states of the Soviet Union) can be explored in the present. The University of Trier's diverse expertise in linguistics and cultural studies is applied in combination with economics, law, politics and geosciences. The network is based on highly endowed top-level research from Trier with its international research networks. A stronger interaction between different departments of the university is therefore an explicit structural goal of our initiative, as is the integration of young researchers who are also the main applicants for their own projects. 

A joint colloquium will help to strengthen the links between the participating disciplines.