From the idea...

In the project 'Social Innovation Education' the partners develop, test and implement a training programme for managers in the field of social welfare. The further education programme strengthens competences in the methodical promotion of social innovations which contribute to the further development of social services in Europe. Through the close cooperation with our partners in Bilbao, Brussels, Trier and Oslo we link different regional actors within Europe and thus create synergy effects. The importance of the different welfare systems for the solution of societal challenges also becomes visible.

...about the practice...

  1. training in the promotion of social innovation and innovation management, e.g. through methodological knowledge such as Design Thinking
  2. acquiring new entrepreneurial skills by developing a prototype of social innovation
  3. getting to know different regional approaches to social innovation at four European locations, so that elements from these can be transferred into their own context
  4. at the end of the training, each manager has developed a social innovation up to market launch
  5. The social innovations with the greatest potential will be presented to the public in a multiplier event to highlight the importance of social innovations

...for implementation!

The teaching program combines different approaches such as classical seminar setting, getting to know innovations in practice, development of own solution approaches and a business plan for implementation in a lab phase and questions of dissemination and sustainability of social innovations. Different approaches are developed, tested, implemented and evaluated at the respective locations in order to gain a tailor-made, effective and sustainable teaching programme for the promotion of social innovations.