Former Professorship

Welcome to the Professorship Bucher

The team around Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Bucher studie mass communication from a linguistic perspective and focuses upon the research on media products of all journalistic genres as well as on their reception and usability. Furthermore, it concentrates on journalism research (esp. quality in journalism), internet research and multimodality as well as on the medial transfer of knowledge. 

Front row: Christof Barth, Gabi Stephan, Hans-Jürgen Bucher; Back row: Peter Schumacher, Philipp Niemann, Martin Krieg

Trier’s Media Studies department benefits from a reception laboratory, which is equipped with an up-to-date eye tracking technology. This infrastructure allows for recording people’s eye movements while reading newspapers or magazines, watching television, browsing websites or attending presentations. Part of the research is application-oriented and carried out in cooperation with various media enterprises. The professorship is involved in the BA program “Medien-Kommunikation-Gesellschaft” (“Media-Communication-Society”) and in the MA program “Medienwissenschaft” (Media Studies”).