Structure of the Summer University

The Summer University lasts seven days and includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, advanced skills training sessions (e.g. presentation tips), as well as excursions and cultural activities in the city of Trier, the Moselle region, and Luxembourg. Participants will discuss each day’s keynote lectures, workshops, and excursions together in small groups, forging new linkages between readings made available in advance, the presented ideas, and the inputs from participants. Further, participants will discuss sub-topics of their interest that is related to the overarching topic of 'decolonizing urbanism'. Some relevant examples include:

  • Decoloniality in theory and praxis (for example in research, education and urbanism)
  • Urban imaginaries and the relation between space, power and knowledge in the urban sphere
  • Perspectives for societal transformations in the face of everyday coloniality and accelerating global change
  • The neoliberalization of the city and strategies for realizing alternative visions of urban change
  • The role and transformation of colonial heritage in urban settings

    We envision that through this intensive interdisciplinary dialog a joint publication such as an edited volume or special issue will emerge, and time will be dedicated to this effort.