Mediterranean House

The Mediterranean House has been established in a separate part of the experimental glasshouse of the Department of Geobotany and opened in July 2015. It is used for university teaching and general education, e.g. for events within the framework of children’s university. At the Department of Geobotany, research and education have long-standing connections to the Mediterranean region. From there, the Romans originated, who founded Trier and left manifold traces in this region that can be found until today. We invite you to explore the Mediterranean House in a virtual tour by clicking on the double arrow in the upper right corner of the “Round trip” tile.

The Mediterranean House is structured into vegetation types. The tour starts with sand coast species followed by plants of the garrigue and phrygana. Nearest to these vegetation types, a macchia and a section of cultural land with useful plants can be visited. At the end of the tour, plants of sub-Mediterranean deciduous forest and finally of a Mediterranean ever-green scleromorphic forest are displayed. The Mediterranean House contains about 200 plant species.