Maksatbek Eraaliev

PhD Student


Research interests

Thesis topic:



Strenge, E., Thevs, N., Aliev, K., Eraaliev, M., Lang, P., Baibagysov, A. Water consumption of Populus alba trees in tree shelterbelt systems in Central Asia – a case study in the Chui Valley, South Eastern Kazakhstan. Submitted.

Thevs, N., Strenge, E., Aliev, K., Eraaliev, M., Lang, P., Baibagysov, A., Jian-Chu, X. Tree shelterbelts as an element to improve water resource management in Central Asia? Submitted.

Eraaliev, M. Evapotranspiration of trees in agroforestry and influence of trees to the water consumption of crops in semi-arid zone on an example of Karasay-Batyr village, Kazakhstan. Submitted.

Conference contributions

Eraaliev, M. 2017. The role of social aspect on integrated water resource management for rational use of drinking water in Kyrgyzstan (Роль социального аспекта Интегрированного Управления Водными Ресурсами для рационального использования питьевой воды в Кыргызстане). Collection of research papers of XIII international scientific-practical conference "News of Frontier Science" at Sofia, Bulgaria, May 2017, 87-93.

Eraaliev, M. 2013. The Threats of deforestation mulberry groves and their impact to the ecosystem of the Issyk-Kul lake (Угрозы вырубки облепиховых рощи их влияние на экосистему озера Иссык-Куль). Seminar on “Youth of the 21st century: debates and media production” in Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan: