Courses offered in summer semester 2024


Lectures for Bachelor students

  • Nonrelational Information Systems (in German)
    Do 12-14 HS13 Prof. Dr. Schenkel
  • Foundations of Programming Part a (in German)
    Mo 16-18 F55 Prof. Dr. Schenkel, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Staub

Lectures for Master students

  • Big Data Analytics (in English)
    Mi 10-12 F59 Prof. Dr. Schenkel
  • Implementiation of IR Systems (in German)
    Di 10-12 F55 Dr. Ley


  • Nonrelational Informations Systems
    Mo 13-14 and 14-15 F59 Nilles
  • Foundations of Programming Part a
    Fr 12-14 TBA Blum/Zeimetz/N.N. [room change required]
  • Big Data Analytics
    Mo 14-16 F55 Blum
  • Implementation of IR Systems
    Do 10-12 F55 Dr. Ley

Practical projects:

  • Research project datases & information systems (Master Computer Science)
  • Großes Studienprojekt - Software Praktikum (Bachelor Informatik)


  • Research seminar databases & informations systems (Master Computer Science)
  • Informatikseminar im Bachelor