Please register for the exams only via PORTA. If you encounter any problems with registration, for example because an examination is not available for you, contact the corresponding examiner as soon as possible via email. Please also consider the FAQ list provided by the examination office.

Long-term plans for exams

The following table shows when exams for specific modules are usually offered (exceptions are possible, consider PORTA for official dates of examinations).

Moduleusual form of exambefore lectures in winter semester (October)after lectures in winter semester (February)before lectures in summer semester (April)after lectures in summer semester (July/August)
Database Systems (all Bachelors, Master Digital Humanities)written exam 90 minutes x x
Nonrelational Information Systems (Bachelor)written exam 90 minutesx  x
Big Data Analytics (Master)written exam 90 minutesx  x
Elements of Computer Science Part a (Master)written exam 90 minutes x x
Elements of Computer Science Part b (Master)written exam 120 minutes x x
Digital Libraries and Foundations of Information Retrieval (Master)oral exam xx 
Distributed Databases (Master, every second year)oral exam xx 
Transactional Information Systems (Master, every second year)oral examx  x
Implementation of Database Systems (Master)oral exam xx 
Implementation of IR Systems (Master)oral examx  x