Are you or have you been personally affected?

Do you feel or have you felt sexually harassed? Have you been sexually harassed, threatened, or suffered physical or verbal sexual violence? Or have you experienced behavior that is inappropriate, exceeds your personal limits, is uncomfortable and makes you feel insecure? You are not sure what to do?  

Most important to know is: You are not responsible for what happens. Your situation may not be an isolated case! The fault and responsibility lies with the person who is harassing you.

So: Be active! Take a stand against it and do not let it go unaddressed. Do not wait for the misconduct to stop on its own! Silence protects the perpetrator.

  • Speak up and demonstrate unequivocally that you feel that the behaviour is an assault and will not tolerate it.
  • Seek help! Talk to someone you trust about what happened to you.
  • Record incidents in writing them down as soon as possible (date, people involved, witnesses if applicable).
  • Contact one of the university contact points at the university directly.

You can be certain:
Your concern will be taken seriously. Everything that is discussed will be treated confidentially. All counsellors are subject to the duty of confidentiality. The counsellors will not take any steps without your consent.

Here is a link to people that can provide advice and help: Contacts and counselling Trier University