Abgeschlossene Masterarbeiten





Jürgensohn, Manta

Long-Term Performance of Zero-Valent Iron in a 6 Years old Permeable Reactive Barrier


Braun, Ines, geb. Häfele

Landfill cap design - Concepts for the conversion of a temporary to a final landfill cover on the "Muertendall", Luxembourg


Zindorf, Mark

Lateglacial and postglacial changes in terrestrial ecosystems


Hu, Nanjie

Geopoymerization of illite/smectite (Friedland Clay) - An investigation of reaction processes, microstructure and strength development


Schumacher, Tanja

Terroir an der Luxemburgischen Mosel


Weis, Marenka

Phosphorus recycling from sewage sludge ash: Influence of sludge origin and incineration temperature on ash characteristics


Elsen, Tobias

Potential of green waste material for bioenergy


Fadeyi, Oluwaseun Omolaja

Direct Current Geoelectric Investigation of Hydrogeological Characteristics of a Model Landfill Cover


Höhbauer, Sandra

Soil Aggregate Stability - A new measurement approach and its valuation in respect to differences in spatial distribution


Hussain, Babar

To monitor the influence of soil moisture content on electrical conductivity in shallow soil layers through electromagnetic induction and electrical resistivity tomography


Seider, Fanny

Fe-phases in gravel wash mud and their influence on adsorption of heavy metals


Schneider, Bernd

Analysis of inorganic mineral components of particulate matter from fine dust


Schneider, Magnus

Langzeitentwicklung eines Deponieabdichtungssystems


Yui Cardenas, Danae Wendolyn

Alternative low CO2 cement through substitution of clinker by a waste product from gravel mining


Fuady, Zakiul

Tsunami wave height and flow velocity calculations based on density measurements of boulders
2016Klaes, BjörnElement mobility linked to rock weathering and soil formation processes in superhumid Chilean Patagonia
2016Nieswand, MatthiasAuswirkung von Temperaturgradienten auf hoch wassergesättigte Bentonit- und Tonverfüllmassen
2017Dost, BastianSensor-derived in situ ,easurements to characterise artificial gravitational mass movements
2017Kerschen, MartinBodenphysikalische Eigenschaften von mechanisch-biologisch aufbereitetem Abfall
2017Benz, DanielHigh-resolution time series analysis on the MA1 stalagmite from southernmost South America
2017Tabe Arrey Egbe, Tommy

Sewage sludge ash as a partial replacement for cement in cement based blocks

2017Oesselmann, Lydia

Schwermetallkonzentrationen in Klärschlammaschen in Abhängigkeit von Temperaturen

2017Kerchen, Martin

Bodenphysikalische Eigenschaften von mechanisch-biologisch aufbereitetem Abfall

2018Chukwuka, Iwuagwu

Geotechnical Implications of Pyrite-bearing Fomations (Black Shale)

2018Riem, Jasmin

Strength patterns of concrete based on kaolinitic geopolymer cement consisting of calcined Gravel wash mud

2018Mora Rincon, Alejandra

The Effect of Alkali-Activated Binder on Clay Silt (PS < 20 µm) from Gravel Wash Mud

2018Odiegwu, Cyril

Geophysical Investigation of Landslide Using 2D Electrical Reistivity Tomography (ERT) and Self Potential Techniques. A Case Study of Deysermühle, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg

2019Forens, ArneSoil organic matter gradients in arable topsoils
2019Müller, GabrielCharakterisierung von Kieswäscheschlämmen zur Herstellung eines ökologischen Zements