Dr. Björn Klaes

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


Fachgebiet / Forschungsinteressen:

  • Geochemie
  • Bodengenese
  • Biogeochemische Prozesse der Gesteinsverwitterung und des terrestrischen Nährstoffexports in Fjordsystemen der Südanden
  • Klima- und Umweltarchive




Terrigenous element transport in South Patagonian fjord ecosystems modulated by climate fluctuations and input from volcanic eruptions.





Klaes, B., Thiele-Bruhn, S., Wörner, G., Höschen, C., Mueller, C. W., Marx, P., Arz, H. W., Breuer, S., Kilian, R. (2022): Iron (hydr)oxide formation in Andosols under extreme climate conditions. Sci. Rep. (under review). doi.org/10.21203/rs.3.rs-1822714/v1

Klaes, B., Wörner, G., Kremer, K., Simon, K., Kronz, A., Scholz, D., Mueller, C. W., Höschen, C., Struck, J., Arz, H. W., Thiele-Bruhn, S., Schimpf, D., Kilian, R. (2022): High-resolution stalagmite stratigraphy supports the Late Holocene tephrochronology of southernmost Patagonia. Comms. Earth Environ. 3:23.


Klaes, B., Wörner, G., Thiele-Bruhn, S., Arz, H. W., Struck, J., Dellwig, O., Groschopf, N., Lorenz, M., Wagner, J.-F., Baeza Urrea, O., Lamy, F., Kilian, R. (2022): Element mobility related to rock weathering and soil formation at the westward side of the southernmost Patagonian Andes. Sci. Total Environ. 817:152977.


Struck, J., Bliedner, M., Strobel, P., Taylor, W. T. T., Biskop, S., Plessen, B., Klaes, B., Bittner, L., Jamsranjav, B., Salazar, G., Szidat, S., Brenning, A., Bazarradnaa, E., Glaser, B., Zech, M., Zech, R. (2022): Central Mongolian lake sediments reveal new insights on climate change and equestrian empires in the Eastern Steppes Sci. Rep. 12:2829.


Strobel, P., Bliedtner, M., Carr, A.S., Frenzel, P., Klaes, B., Salazar, G., Struck, J., Szidat, S., Zech, R., Haberzettl, T. (2021): Holocene sea level and environmental change at the southern Cape - an 8.5 kyr multi-proxy paleoclimate record from lake Voёlvlei, South Africa. Clim. Past17, 1567-1586.


Klaes, B., Kilian, R., Wörner, G., Thiele-Bruhn, S., H. W. Arz (2018): Middle to Late Holocene mobilization of DOC-bound Pb and Y in the Magellanic moorlands (53°S) as a function of sea spray fertilization, climate variations and volcanic fallout? A preliminary report. EGQSJ67, 1-6.


Klaes, B., Struck, J., Schneider, R., Schüler, G. (2016): Middle-term effects after timber harvesting with heavy machinery on a fine-textured forest soil. Eur.J. For. Res. 135(6), 1083-1095  doi.org/10.1007/s10342-016-0995-2

Schneider, R., Klaes, B., Struck, J., Schüler, G. (2015): Middle-term effects of timber harvesting with heavy forestry equipment. International Workshop - Regeneration of Compacted Forest Soils, Osnabrück, Hochschule Osnabrück (Presentation)

Gronz, O., Seeger, M., Klaes, B., Casper, M. C., Ries, J. B. (2015): Hole-ness of point clouds. Geophysical Research Abstracts 17, EGU2015-12872, EGU General Assembly 2015 (Poster)

Seeger, M., Gronz, O., Klaes, B., Becker, K., Marzen, M., Remke, A. A. (2014): The effect of object characteristics and image quality on 3D-modelling by Structure-from-Motion. Geophysical Research Abstracts 16, EGU2014-7293, EGU General Assembly 2014 (Poster)




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