The IEVR is acting especially in the field of comparative constitutional law in the European and international context. It is creating and updating permanently different databases and  information as well as releasing publications about its research.

I. The states of the world and their constitutions

This collection contains a assemblage of links to the constitutions of all nations worldwide. The texts of the constitution are composed in their "first" native language as well as in English. Useful information (such as the date of implementation or the last amendment) are also covered by this documents.

The distribution of information about the consitutions in question provides i.a. a better comparison of different legal frameworks.



For more information to the Encyclopedia of World Constitutions [Publications]

II. The Member states of the EU and their constitutions

Comparable to the collection of the constitutions of world nations, this collection offers an assemble of links and information to all constitutional texts of the member states of the EU. These texts are composed as well in their native language as in German, English and French.


III. Reform of federalism in Germany

The institute always attends to current topics of the important constitutional developments in Germany. At September 1st., 2006 the first part of the reform of federalism came into force. This reform is the most extensive readjustment of legislative competences between the Federal Government and the Federal States since the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The articles, which are published in edited volumes, containing a detailled presentation of the main changes caused by the reform of federalism, an evaluation in respect of the further seperation of the Federal Government and the States, an estimation on the effects of the reform referring to the European process of Integration and a forecast on the second part of the reform, which deals with the rearrangement of financial structures between the Federal Government and the States; for this important duty another commission has been created, the so-called "Föderalismuskommission II".

IV. The European Constitution

A. Collection of information of the "Convent for the future of Europe"

Referring to the "convent for the future of Europe", this is a overview about important contributions to the reform-discussion based on the declaration of von Laeken.

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B. Collection of information and drafts of the European Constitution (till 1999)  [archive]

In this project the rendered drafts till 1999 of the EU or EC are presented methodically, compared and associated in the historical and political context of the constitutional debate.

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