Prof. Dr. Antje Bruns (Chairholder)
Antje's research for the past few years has been on environmental governance in coastal zones and coastal cities. Her current research is in the field of “sustainability governance” and bridges human geography and natural science perspectives. Antje highly committed to interdisciplinary work and boundary work – therefore she has a team with different disciplinary backgrounds. Conceptual starting point is the interest in political ecology, sustainability and geographical core concepts. We like to rethink – seemingly given – ordering concepts like human vs nature, urban vs. rural or North vs South. Antje is a trained geographer (PhD CAU-Kiel, Diploma Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin). 

Contact:| +49 (0)651/201-4550 |Room F177

Christin Weil M.A. (Assistant)
Christin manages the administrative office and takes care of the organizational processes of the department. She is also responsible for answering student questions. Beside that, she is the first contact point for everybody who needs information, certificates or appointments related to the department. +49 (0)651/201-4551 | Room F176

M.Sc. Toni Adscheid (Doctoral Researcher)
Toni holds a post-graduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Stockholm University. His research tries to make sense of human-environmental relations in the context of planetary urbanization. Hereby his focus lies on the political and spatial dimensions of uneven urban development processes.
adscheiduni-trierde| +49 (0)651/201-4637 | Room F179

M.Sc. Viviana Wiegleb (Doctoral Researcher) 
Viviana is a doctoral researcher and focuses on the politics of knowledge in environmental governance. She explores the roles that different scientific experts play in environmental discourses and at the science-policy interface. Viviana holds a Master’s degree in Physical Geography from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. 
wieglebuni-trierde | +49 (0)651/201-4534 | Room F175a
Viviana is currently on parental leave.  

M.Sc. Rossella Alba (Doctoral Researcher, BMBF-Project WaterPower)
Rossella is a PhD candidate focusing on the politics of infrastructure development and water governance in Accra metropolitan area. She holds a post-graduate degree in International Land and Water Management from Wageningen University and has research experience in Ghana, Ethiopia and Mozambique.  
albauni-trierde |+49 (0)651/201-4318 | Room H342

M.Sc. Lara Esther Bartels (Doctoral Researcher, BMBF-Project WaterPower)
Lara is a doctoral researcher focusing on access to land and water in rapidly urbanizing villages at the fringe of Accra, Ghana. Trained as a sociologist in Bielefeld, Lara completed her M.Sc. degree in Social-and Human Ecology at the Institute of Social Ecology in Vienna. | +49 (0)651/201-4317 | Room H342

M.A. Emiliano Castillo Jara (Doctoral Researcher, DAAD-Research Scholarship)
Emiliano holds a Master's degree in International Relations from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He is interested in the politics of land and energy, sustainable energy transitions, and climate change policies. Emiliano´s PhD-project looks at the land use conflicts over large-scale tar sands mining in Canada. His research aims at developing a better understanding of how tar sands pipelines shape society-nature relationships across geographical scales. His research also explores the role of resistance movements in transforming Canada's energy landscape.
s6emcastuni-trierde| +49 (0)651/201-4011 | Room H345

Anja Hasselberg, M.A. (Project Manager, BMBF-Project WaterPower)
Anja is a geographer and previously worked as a lecturer and research assistant at Trier University. Since 10/2015 she manages the diverse and dynamic WaterPower team, controls the budget, workflow, milestones and takes care of any organisational matters. | +49 (0)651/201-4625 | Room H332

M.Sc. Lisa Heintges  (Research Assistant, BMBF-Project WaterPower)
Lisa is a research assistant in the WaterPower team. She received a M.Sc. in Sustainable Development from the University of St. Andrews and a B.A. in International Relations. During previous placements at Eurostat and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), Lisa focused on the Agenda 2030 and implications of the Sustainable Development Goals for German and European policy making.
heintgesuni-trierde  | +49 (0)651/201-4176 | Room H333

M.A. Rebekka Kanesu (Doctoral Researcher, Interreg-Project Border Studies)
Rebekka is a social and cultural anthropologist who works as research assistant for the Interreg project "Border Studies" that focuses on border related questions and phenomena. The project is conducted by an interregional network of researchers from universities of the Greater Region who study borders from different and interdisciplinary perspectives.
kanesuuni-trierde | +49 (0)651/201-4560 | Room F179

M.Sc. Sara Larijani (Doctoral Researcher)
Sara works on her Dissertation on Petro-Landscapes and the Karun River Basin in Iran. She holds a doctoral scholarship from Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung. Sara also works as lecturer for the lab and offers courses on Energy Geography. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Tehran University in Iran and holds a Master degree in Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning from HafenCity University, Hamburg in which her focus was water-related issues in urban areas.

Affiliated Scholars to the Team

M.Sc. Nazmul Huq (Doctoral Researcher)
Nazmul is based at University of Applied Sciences in Cologne at the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT). In his doctoral thesis (Trier University) he studies the role of the water-ecosystem-livelihood nexus for climate change resilience in southern Bangladesh.

Dr. Fanny Frick-Trzebitzky (Affilliated Researcher)
Fanny is a researcher affiliated to WaterPower. Her main research interests are urban disaster risk management, adaptation to global environmental change in urban coastal regions, and cross-scale interactions in environmental governance. Fanny's doctorate was funded by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung. Now she works for the ISOE (Institut für sozial-ökologische Forschung) in Frankfurt/Main. 

Student Assistants

Danielle Baron
Danielle is studying English and Geography in the education degree program (B.Ed.) at Trier University since 10/2015. She is interested in sustainability and regional and urban development processes. 
s6dabarouni-trierde | +49 (0)651/201-4468 | Room F134

Agnes Feil
Agnes is studying human geography (B.Sc.) at Trier University since 10/2017. She is particularly interested in spatial planning, urban development and human environment relations.
s6agfeiluni-trierde | +49 (0)651/201-4468 | Room F134

Jonathan Hassel 
Jonathan is studying human geography (B.Sc.) at Trier University since 10/2015. He is interested in urban development, resource managment and sustainability.
s6johassuni-trierde | +49 (0)651/201-4468 | Room F134

Melanie Nosbüsch
Melanie is studying human geography (B.Sc.) at Trier University since 10/2017. She is interested in sustainability, urban and regional development.
s6menosbuni-trierde | +49 (0)651/201-4468 | Room F134

Contract Lecturer