ECER 2021 in Genf

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schröer and Dr. Thomas Wendt present talks at the European Conference on Educational Research ECER 2021 in Genf of EUROPEAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION (EERA), an online conference starting September 6, 2021


Publication: Jahrbuch der Sektion Organisationspädagogik "Organisation und Verantwortung"

Final presentation at the end of first workshop series of the innovation lab UnTIL  in July 2019 by the group members: they vividly demonstrated their business models.


UnTIL University of Trier Intrapreneurship Lab

Solutions to Societal Problems can be illustrated with playmobil people: Alumni of the Non-Profit-Project Seminar enthusiastically promoted their service idea for refugees to their customer, Ehrenamtsagentur Trier.


In March 2018, Prof. Schröer published the Handbuch Organisationspädagogik.