Rhineland-Palatinate Monitor

Rhineland-Palatinate Monitor

Project Implementation: Prof. Dr. Uwe Jun, Marius Minas, Oliver Drewes

The Rhineland-Palatinate Monitor examines and measures the political culture of the federal state and provides an overview of political perceptions and attitudes of the population. What is the state of political culture in Rhineland-Palatinate? How satisfied are the people in the state with democracy? And how do the people of Rhineland-Palatinate participate politically and socially? The new "Rhineland-Palatinate Monitor" published by the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament in cooperation with the Trier Institute for Democracy and Political Party Research explores these questions and other topics related to democracy research.

In a representative survey, attitudes and opinions are queried on topics such as satisfaction with democracy, trust in institutions, political and social participation, Rhineland-Palatinate politics and particularly current issues. The results are statistically evaluated along the methods of empirical social research and compared with the results of other state monitors so that a good picture of the political culture in Rhineland-Palatinate emerges. The results then form a basis for political actors and institutions to increase their democratic engagement with the population and support better policy making.

Press review of the Rhineland-Palatinate Monitor (selection):

Under the following link you will find the SWR aktuell contribution (in German) about the "Rhineland-Palatinate Monitor" from the news broadcast of 07.03.2023 at 19:30 (starts at minute 16:23).
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