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Welcome to the website of the Trierer Instituts für Demokratie- und Parteienforschung


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Just published:
Political Science Review of the Year 2023 

"Our political science annual review serves as a science-communicative medium that aims to make a contribution to bringing scientific findings and perspectives to the public."

► On this page you will find all information about the Political Science Review 2023.



Trierer Institut für Demokratie- und Parteienforschung (TIDuP) - Trier Institute for Democracy and Political Party Research


TIDuP serves to bring research to the public, thereby communicating university discussions and results to society (knowledge transfer), as well as to accompany social developments through university research (topical research). In its self-image, the institute wants to act as an interface between science and the public. Accordingly, events on current topics are presented and current political events are accompanied by research. Regular debates and lectures on current political topics either in Trier or in the representation of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Berlin are at the forefront of the Institute's activities. The institute wants to critically accompany the central developments of the democracies and the political parties with publicity and to act as a starting point as well as a companion of discourses.

TIDuP is engaged in the analysis of democratic systems, structures and processes in politics, society, economy on a regional, national, European and global level. Core topics of research are questions of transformation of and challenges to legitimacy and performance of democracies in the 21st century at different levels. The institute researches these under five main aspects: 1. party democracy and institutional change in Germany and Europe 2. changes in the public sphere, representation and participation at regional, national and international levels 3. democracy within regional, national and trans- as well as international organizations 4. the relationship between authoritarian value systems and democratic politics including international system competition and 5. aspects of the transmission of democratic values to different areas of society (including schools).

The Institute wants to contribute to ensuring the diversity of research far from one-sided tendencies and to make an important contribution to plurality. The comprehension of the wholeness of political and social reality should be taken into account and represented by different perspectives and methods, which at the same time implies openness for different approaches and forms of scientific research.

TIDuP aims to provide research impulses by striving for a local connection to the other institutes of the university, regional research priorities of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, national presence in the subject of political science and an increased connectivity to international research.