Dr. Cong Wang


My research focuses on modelling N fluxes (e.g. N2O emissions and NO3- fluxes) from agricultural soils. The model I have applied in the past years is the eco-hydrological Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model. I developed an N2O submodule for the SWAT model in the “R” programming language. The developed N2O submodule and the SWAT model were applied to simulate hydrological processes, NO3- fluxes and N2O fluxes from two Austrian agricultural catchments.

In the future, I will keep modelling N2O emissions and NO3- fluxes from agricultural soils under climate change. But more models will be included, for example, the biogeochemical model DNDC (DeNitrification-DeComposition) and the soil crop model STICS (Simulateur mulTIdisciplinaire pour les Cultures Standard).

In addition, coupling/decoupling human activities and ecosystems is also part of my research interests.


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Conference contributions

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  • Journal of Soil Science and Plant nutrition
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