Start your Studies

We welcome our new students! On this page you will find current information and events specifically for you, which take place in addition to the university's offerings.

Bachelor of Science Computer Science / Bachelor of Education Computer Science

In the summer semester of 2024, the semester starts as follows:

  • The orientation days, or "O-Days" for short, start on April 8th, 2024. First, there will be an official welcome by the university management on Campus I at 09:00 in the Audimax, the university's largest lecture hall. Events for teaching students will follow at 10:00 a.m., also in the Audimax, and at 12:00 p.m. in the HS2 lecture hall.
  • On April 9th, 2024 from 12:00 in the lecture hall HS10, also located on Campus I, there will be a joint introductory event for Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science where you will hear many important details about the course of your studies and which you therefore should not be missed. In particular, your timetable for the coming semester as well as registration formalities for events (and exams) will be discussed.
  • The summer semester events will begin on Monday, April 15th, 2024. Most of you will take “Elementary Logic” and “Fundamentals of Programming (Part a)” in your first semester, and many will also take “Algorithms and Data Structures” and “Linear Algebra”. The events will take place in person, some with streams or recordings on the Internet. Content about the events is also available at or at You can find the details if you first register for the events at and then (with some delay) look at the events you have chosen at
  • If you already have your ZIMK access data, you can also test the following: Log in at with these access data and then log in to the IT department using the registration key "Logik-SoSe24" Course “Elementary Logic”. How to use Moodle and BigBlueButton is described in the following videos:

The following video recordings and slides at the beginning of the course contain the relevant information from the winter semester 2022/2023 for the B.Sc.:

For the B.Edu. the recordings are from the winter semester of 2021:

  • Introduction to the course, for B.Edu Computer Science (Recording  (60MB) from October 19, 2021).

You can find the corresponding slides for the current summer semester 2024 here in advance. These slides will be used in the above introductory event on April 9th. discussed at 12:00.

Be sure to also take a look at the pages of the Central Student Advisory Service when starting your studies, especially on how to use the PORTA and Stud.IP.

If you have problems accessing the streaming link above, or accessing the "Fundamentals of Programming" event, please contact  the Academic Advisor Norbert Müller, e.g. via email (, telephone (0651-201-2845) or BigBlueButton-Video Conference (with this Link, dates: Tue 10-11, Fri 9-10 and after Agreement)

Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics / Master of Science in Business Informatics

This semester there will again be a welcome event for all first-year students of business informatics. It offers all new WI students an introduction to the course and is intended to provide a good overview.

You can also ask further questions directly via email: or telephone: 0651-201-2839 to the academic advisor responsible for you, Mr. Axel Kalenborn.

Master of Science Computer Science / Master of Education Computer Science

Beginners in one of these master's programs should definitely contact the Study Advisor, Herrn Norbert Müller, by email before starting their studies and arrange an individual consultation. This applies in particular to first-year students whose bachelor's degree did not take place at the University of Trier. You can send further questions, for example, via email (muelleruni-trierde), telephone (0651-201-2845) or BigBlueButton video conference (with this Link, dates: Tue/Thurs 10-11 and by appointment). Provide your Academic Advisor Mr. Norbert Müller, who is responsible for you.

Starting help for the first Semester

Our student departments offer those who are starting their first semester of studies a helpful introduction on a specially created page area. There you will find answers to questions such as "How do I create my timetable?" and "What is a tutorial?".

Below you will find links to the student council's areas for first-semester students. Regardless of whether you are studying business informatics or computer science, it is worth taking a look at both websites, as some questions and content complement each other.