Admission regquirements

Formal admission requirements

The formal admission requirements are stated in the General Examination Regulations of the University of Trier and in the Examination Regulations of the Department of Economics for the M.Sc. Economics (all five variants).

Language requirements

Applicants who do not hold the German degree of the "allgemeine oder fachgebundene Hochschulreife" have to prove their language proficiency in English. Further information can be found here.

Admission requirements at a glance...

...if you hold a Bachelor's Degree in Economics

Students who hold a Bachelor's Degree in Economics with a grade of 2.7 or better are admitted into the Master's Program.

...if you hold a Bachelor's Degree with Economics as a Minor

Students who hold a

  • Bachelor's Degree from the University of Trier in either Business Administration, Social Sciences, Information Systems or Business Mathematics
  • Bachelor's Degree from the University of Trier with Economics as a Minor or
  • Bachlor's Degree that is equivalent to the degrees listed above and with at least 60 credit points in Economics

are admitted if the grade is 2.2 or better.

...for the M.Sc. Applied Statistics

Please note the special admission requirements for the M.Sc. Applied Statistics.

Acceptance rate of international students

The acceptance rate is not set in advance, but is determined by how many applicants fulfill the admission requirements. In the last term, 25 of 75 international applicants have been accepted and began their studies in Trier.


Before you proceed with your application, we would like to ask you to check, using the following checklist, if you fulfil our admission criteria. For the application, consult the Admissions office.