Orientation Seminar "Quick Start" for degree-seeking students

Orientation Seminar "QUICK START"

4th April preparation meeting for seminar (via ZOOM)

8th - 12th April 2024 (in presence form)
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Study-Start-Seminar: Studying Successfuly "We show you the way" and Presenting Successfully

Workshop: Academic Culture, Communication, and (Digital) Learning

Library Introduction in English


Generell orientation days for all new (international and German) students: 8-10th April

Welcome to the University of Trier! We’re looking forward to meeting you!

The international office offer an orientation seminar, “QUICK START,” for new international degree-seeking students, to make your first days at Trier University easier and to support you at the beginning of your studies. The orientation seminar is a fundamental part in the integration process at Trier University. A successful and seamless start to university life is of major importance for academic success. That is why we highly recommend taking part in the orientation seminar.


The orientation seminar will be offered both in German and English and is free of charge.

► Tips and experiences by former participants


  • Support for your first steps at Trier University. You will receive help with the creation of your own timetable and introduction to the PORTA system. Also you will learn about the councellors in your degree program.
  • Information about how to complete all necessary formalities. Quick Start provides you with orientation help so that you can complete all necessary formalities
  • Support concerning questions about: a.) your work and residence permit in Germany b.) financing your studies/scholarships c.) Health Insurance und Healthsare System In Germany
  • Networking opportunities. Quick Start provides you with an overview of organizations and useful contacts for international students at Trier University in a social, and cultural field. You will also have the opportunity of meeting with other students during different events.
  • Orientation on campus and in the city. You can join a guided tour on campus and in the city center so you can orientate yourself more easily. There will also be a small excursion into the surroundings of Trier.
  • Library Introduction
  • Workshop: Intercultural Living and Studying in Germany. Understanding cultural similarities and differences.
  • Workshop: Academic Writing
  • Workshop  "Studying Successfully"  and "Presenting Succesfully"
  • Workshop: Digital Learning and Communication at Trier University

Quick Start also helps you during your first semester at the University of Trier: We will meet again after a few weeks and plan more events throughout the semester.