Experimental Results and Software


Maxflow solver

The package graph.tar.gz contains a maxflow solver, that uses different graphs, such as
the static bidirectional graph, the static opposite graph or the standard LEDA graph.

Network Generators

The following list is a collection of public available generators for network problems. 

Maxflow Problem generators

by C. Badics - random frames

by G. Waissi and J. Setubal - transit grid

by B. Cherkassky and A. V. Goldberg - ak

by R. Andersen et al. - several types of graphs

by G. Waissi - acyclic graphs

Some generators were collected and provided by the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS).

Delaunay Triangulation experiments

Runtimes for Delaunay Triangulations for some popular geometry packages.

Other Computational geometry experiments

Comparisons of various implementations of important CG algorithms (mostly CGAL, LEDA and GEOMLEP).

GEOMLEP - Geometry LEDA Extension Package