This page presents CAKE.OfficeWorkflow a repository with office workflows which have been collected during a case study at the University of Trier in 2009. The repository includes 24 office processes as workflow definitions and 24 agile workflow instances. A screenplay and downloads are available for the public (see terms of use below).

Although the office domain is a part of everyday work it is a challenging research field for the development of agile workflow technology, giving the research team the opportunities to explore and improve new, innovative methods and tools.


Research Team

• Professor Ralph Bergmann

• Dr. habil. Mirjam Minor

• Dipl.-Winf. Daniel Schmalen

• Stephan Kempin

Expert for the office domain:

• Agnes Jacoby


The Repository

Workflow samples

Official Trip Workflow Definition
Official Trip Workflow Instance

Process description


Official Trip:

First the travel expenses form needs to be filled in. After that offers are obtained and the hotel and the kind of transportation. Invoices are sent to the personnel department, together with the official trip form. Afterwards the office manager books the conference and makes the payments. Then the office manager asks for a booking confirmation. After the official trip the staff member settles the travel expense account. The concrete travel dates and times are registered. If the official trip has been financed by a federal cost-unit the document is sent to the deanship and then to the travel expenses department. If the official trip has been financed by a project cost-unit the document is directly sent to the travel expenses department.

Until departure the staff member is free to enter a call for discount in every step of the process. If the staff member uses this opportunity the travel expenses payment is reduced about the preliminary discount.


The Agile Workflow Instance in XML

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All downloads include screenshots, XML files and the textual description of the workflows! The following .zip files contain a workflow definition with it's agile instances each.


 Download all workflows

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The Repository in German

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