Integration of Similarity-Based and Logic-Based Search

The aim of this research is to integrate similarity-based and logic-based search methods for product data bases in eCommerce and knowledge data bases in knowledge management. In the context of this preliminary project, the different approaches within a limited scenario is closely investigated, in order to concretely estimate the research problems for a long-term project.

Research Team

  • Prof. Dr. Ralph Bergmann
  • MSc. Babak Mougouie


This project was funded by the "Forschungsfonds" in University of Trier from April 2005 until March 2006.



  • Ralph Bergmann, and Babak Mougouie. Finding Similar Deductive Consequences - A New Search-Based Framework for Unified Reasoning from Cases and General Knowledge. In Advances in Case-Based Reasoning - Proceedings of the 8th European Conference, ECCBR 2006, Fethiye, Turkey, volume 4106 of LNCS, September 2006, Springer Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg.