WaterPower Symposium

15-16 July 2019 in Trier

Save the date! Bringing together five years of WaterPower’s research the symposium provides a forum to present our findings on the political ecologies of Accra’s waterscape. Moving on from questions of socio-ecological inequality, access to and governance of water and exposure to environmental risks the symposium also addresses implications for an achievement of sustainable urban development pathways in the context of global agendas like the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda.

We invite scientists that do research in the field of human-environment geographies to contribute to the symposium and share their research on sustainable urban futures and transformative governance - with a focus on water (from wetlands to water access, water governance and water infrastructure).

A call for abstracts can be found here.

The symposium’s thematic sessions reflect the WaterPower research, connect different perspectives on urbanisation, land and water, and aim to explore critical perspectives on development pathways. Among others, we want to critically reflect and discuss recent political strategies that address Africa (Marshall Plan with Africa, BMBF Strategy).

Contact: waterpoweruni-trierde

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