Information for first semester students in Summer 2024

Dear students in the first semester of the M.Sc. Data Science programme,

to get access to the slides from the welcome meeting on Monday, April 15, please send an email to Ralf Schenkel. You will then be added to a course in StudIP that provides all information. This contains advise regarding which courses to choose and how to prepare for them.

The relevant courses in summer semester are:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Numerical Optimization for Data Science
  • Statistical Methods of Data Science

The details of course organisation can be found on Stud.IP and will be given by the respective lecturer shortly before or at the start of the semester. So please refrain from sending individual e-mails to lecturers beforehand.

To receive this information and to be up to date, it is crucial that you register for your courses in the PORTA system first, which in turn leads to an automatic registration in Stud.IP. Technical details on this are available on the general website of Trier University.

To use PORTA and Stud.IP, you need valid Trier University credentials ( which you will receive after proper enrollment at the university. You can either enroll in person in Trier or (if your visa process is delayed, etc.) online. Please refer to this website for more information regarding this process and contact admissionuni-trierde if you have further administrative questions after consulting the website.

We wish you a good start at Trier University!

Stay safe and healthy!

M.Sc. Data Science team