List of Technical Reports Mathematics / Computer Science 1992

  • 01: C. Damm, M. Krause, Ch. Meinel, S. Waack
    Separating Counting Communication Complexity Classes
  • 02: P. Dierolf
    The Structure Theorem for Linear Transfer Systems
  • 03: R. J. Gardner, P. Gritzmann
    Successive Determination and Verification of Polytopes by their X-Rays
  • 04: Ch. Meinel, S. Waack
    Upper and Lower Bounds for Certain Graph-Accessability-Problems on Bounded Alternating (omega)-Branching Programs
  • 05: Ch. Meinel
    A Note on Möbius Functions and the Communication Complexity of the Graph-Accessability-Problem
  • 06: P. Gritzmann, B. Sturmfels
    Minkowski Addition of Polytopes: Computational Complexity and Applications to Gröbner Bases
  • 07: J. Gergov, Ch. Meinel
    Analysis and Manipulation of Boolean Functions in Terms of Decision Graphs
  • 08: K. Jansen, P. Scheffler
    Generalized Coloring for Tree-like Graphs
  • 09: H. L. Bodlaender, K. Jansen, G. J. Woeginger
    Scheduling with Incompatible Jobs
  • 10: J. Gergov, Ch. Meinel
    Efficient Analysis and Manipulation of OBDDs can be Extended to Read-once-only Branching Programs
    (Please see the updated Version instead: 93-12: Gergov, Meinel: Efficient Boolean Manipulation with OBDD's can be Extended to FBDD's)
  • 11: K. Jansen
    Scheduling with Constrained Processor Allocation for Interval Orders
  • 12: K. Jansen
    On the Complexity of One Branching Graphs
  • 13: D. Frosch
    Product Form Solutions for Closed Synchronized Systems of Stochastic Sequential Processes
  • 14: K. Jansen
    One Strike Against the Min-Max Degree Triangulation Problem
  • 15: K. Jansen
    On the Complexity of a Licence Constrained Job Assignment Problem
  • 16: M. Heinkenschloss
    On the Solution of a Two Ball Trust Region Subproblem
  • 17: Program of the 18th Workshop on Complexity Theory, Efficient Algorithms and Data Structures
    (which took place at Trier on 20-Oct-1992)
  • 18: J. Huschens
    On the Use of Product Structure in Secant Methods for Nonlinear Least Squares Problems
  • 19: J. Huschens
    On a Fast Algorithm for Constrained Nonlinear Least Squares Problems
  • 20: J. Huschens
    Structured Quasi-Newton Methods for Optimization Problems in Hilbert Space
  • 21: D. Baum, L. Lenzini
    Performance Analysis of SDN Specific Error Procedures: Comparison of Step-by-Step and End-to-End Schemes
  • 22: J. Huschens
    On Multiplicative Structure in Quasi-Newton Methods for Nonlinear Equations
  • 23: K. Jansen, P. Scheffler, G. Woeginger
    The Disjoint Cliques Problem
  • 24: M. Heinkenschloss
    Numerical Solution of a Semilinear Parabolic Control Problem
  • 25: K. Jansen, G. Woeginger
    The Complexity of Detecting Crossingfree Configurations in the Plane
  • 26: P. Gritzmann, V. Klee, J. Westwater
    Polytope Containment and Determination by Linear Probes
  • 27: K. Natarajan
    On the Queue-Length-Distributions of the E_k / M^X / 1 Queue and of the E_k / GE / 1 Queue under Repetitive-Service Blocking
  • 28: U. Hertrampf, C. Lautemann, T. Schwentick, H. Vollmer, K. W. Wagner
    On the Power of Polynomial Bit-Reductions


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