List of Technical Reports Mathematics / Computer Science 1998

  • 01: Ch. Meinel, Th. Theobald
    Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams and Their Significance in Computer-Aided Design of VLSI Circuits
  • 02: S. Rotin
    Regularisierte Strafmethoden für inkorrekt gestellte Kontrollprobleme mit linearen Zustandsgleichungen
  • 03: D. Baum
    Zum Gleichgewichtsverhalten von Markov-Prozessen
  • 04: D. Baum, J. Hofmann, N. Müller (Ed.)
    Developments in Matrix Analytical Performance Assessment
  • 05: H. Schmitt
    On the Numerical Simulation of Bingham Fluid Flows Using Prox-Regularization
  • 06: C. Damm
    On Boolean vs. Modular Arithmetic for Circuits and Communication Protocols
  • 07: D. Baum
    On Markovian Spatial Arrival Processes for the Performance Analysis of Mobile Communication Networks
  • 08: A. Neumann, H. Seidl
    Locating Matches of Tree Patterns in Forests
  • 09: A. Kaplan, R. Tichatschke
    Proximal Interior Point Approach for Solving Convex Semi-infinite Programming Problems
  • 10: L. Breuer
    Neue Ergebnisse für BMAPs und räumliche Warteschlangen
  • 11: D. Baum
    Spatial Generalization of BMAP's with Finite State Space
  • 12: F. Jarre
    A QQP-Minimization Method for Semidefinite and Smooth Nonconvex Programs
  • 13: Ch. W. Keßler, H. Seidl
    ForkLight: A Control-Synchronous Parallel Programming Language
  • 14: R. Rödler
    Stability Analysis of Wireless Networks
  • 15: R. Rödler
    A Phase Space Model for Spatial BMAPs
  • 16: R. Rödler
    Stochastic Modeling of Server Capacity Utilization by Geometric Sums
  • 17: H. Seidl (Hrsg.)
    8. Theorietag der GI-Fachgruppe 0.1.5 "Automaten und Formale Sprachen"
  • 18: J. Hofmann
    Stability Conditions for the BMAP/G/1 Queue with Level Dependent Arrivals
  • 19: P. Justen
    Optimal Control of Thermally Coupled Navier-Stokes Equations in Food Industry
  • 20: C. Damm
    On Alternating vs. Parity Communication Complexity
  • 21: A. Bernasconi, C. Damm, I. Shparlinski
    Circuit and Decision Tree Complexity of Some Number Theoretic Problems
  • 22: G. Cabodi, S. Quer, Ch. Meinel, H. Sack, A. Slobodová, Chr. Stangier
    Binary Decision Diagrams and the Multiple Variable Order Problem
  • 23: Ch. Meinel, Chr. Stangier
    Increasing Efficiency of Symbolic Model Checking by Accelerating Dynamic Variable Reordering
  • 24: Ch. Meinel, K. Schwettmann, A. Slobodová
    Application Driven Variable Reordering and an Example in Reachability Analysis
  • 25: Ch. Meinel, A. Slobodová
    Accelerating OBDD-Minimization by Means of Structural and Semantical Properties
  • 26: A. Hamdi
    Convergence Results on Proximal Method of Multipliers in Nonconvex Programming
  • 27: Ch. Meinel, A. Wagner
    The WWW meets EDA: Usability evaluation of OBDD-heuristics via the Internet
  • 28: Ch. Meinel, H. Sack
    -OBDDs - a BDD Structure for Probabilistic Verification
  • 29: Ch. Meinel, H. Sack, Chr. Stangier, A. Wagner
    Do We Really Need Common Variable Orders for Synthesizing OBDDs?
  • 30: N. Lehdili, C. Ould Ahmed Salem
    Proximal Methods: Decomposition and Selection
  • 31: D. Baum
    The Infinite Server Queue with Markov Additive Arrivals in Space
  • 32: A. Hamdi
    Convergence Results on Proximal Method of Multipliers in Nonconvex Programming


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