List of Technical Reports Mathematics / Computer Science 2000

  • 01: F. Leibfritz, E.-S. Mostafa
    Trust Region Methods for Solving the Optimal Output Feedback Design Problem
  • 02: E.-S. Mostafa, E. Sachs
    A Lagrangian Method for Solving the Optimal Output Feedback Design Problem
  • 03: F. Leibfritz, E. Sachs
    Optimal Static Output Feedback Design By Using a Trust Region Interior Point Method
  • 04: M. Gugat
    Zur Berechnung optimaler Steuerungen über Momentenungleichungen
  • 05: R. Tichatschke, A. Kaplan, T. Voetmann, M. Böhm
    Numerical Solution of Control Problems under Uncertainty and Perturbation of Input Data with Applications in Finance
  • 06: L. Breuer
    The Inhomogeneous BMAP/G/ Queue
  • 07: L. Breuer
    On Markov-Additive Jump Processes
  • 08: S. Rotin
    Reduction of Some Optimal Control Problems with Variational Inequalities to Ill-Posed Optimal Control Problems with Linear State Equations
  • 09: L. Breuer, M. Gilbert
    Parameter Estimation for BMAPs
  • 10: A.Battermann, E.W.Sachs
    An Indefinite Preconditioner for KKT Systems Arising in Optimal Control Problems
  • 11: L.Breuer
    Operator-Geometric Solutions for the M/G/k Queue and its Variants
  • 12: Christopher Lusena, Judy Goldsmith, Martin Mundhenk
    Nonapproximability Results for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
  • 13: R.Mubarakzjanov
    Lower Bounds for Randomized Branching Programs with a Big OBDD Part


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