List of Technical Reports Mathematics / Computer Science 2002

  • 01: Lothar Breuer
    From Markov Jump Processes to Inhomogeneous BMAPs
  • 02: Lothar Breuer
    On the Distribution of cadlag Processes without Exlosions
  • 03: Siegfried Graf, Harald Luschgy
    Quantization for Probability Measures in the Prohorov Metric
  • 04: Siegfried Graf, Harald Luschgy
    Quantization for Probability Measures with Respect to the Geometric Mean Error
  • 05: Siegfried Graf, Harald Luschgy
    Functional Quantization and Small Ball Probabilities for Gaussian Processes
  • 06: Lothar Breuer
    A Piecewise-Deterministic Model for Brownian Motion
  • 07: Attahiru Alfa, Lothar Breuer
    An EM Algorithm for Platoon Arrival Processes in Discrete Time
  • 08: Markus Müller-Olm
    Precise Interprocedural Dependence Analysis of Parallel Programs
  • 09: Markus Müller-Olm, Helmut Seidl
    Polynomial Constants are Decidable
  • 10: Markus Müller-Olm, Helmut Seidl, Varmo Vene
    Interprocedural Invariants
  • 11: Dimitri Efrosinin, Lothar Breuer, Vladimir Rykov
    An Optimization Algorithm for the MAP/PH/K Queue with Heterogeneous Servers
  • 12: Subhendu Bikash Hazra, Volker Schulz
    Numerical Parameter Identification in Non-isothermal Multiphase Multicomponent Flow through Porous Media
  • 13: S.B.Hazra, H.Class, R.Helmig, V. Schulz
    Forward and Inverse Problems in Modeling of Multiphase Flow and Transport Through Heterogeneos Porous Media
  • 14: Paul B. Hermanns, Nguyen V. Thoai
    Method for Gobal Optimization of Class of Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems
  • 15: Dimitri Efrosinin, Lothar Breuer, Vladimir Rykov
    Optimal Allocation of Jobs between Heterogeneous Servers in the Retrial MAP/PH/K Queue
  • 16: Dieter Baum, Vladimir V. Kalashnikov
    No-Waiting Stations with Special Arrival Processes and Customer Motion
  • 17: Helmut Seidl, Aditya Nori
    On the Expressiveness of Tree Set Operators
  • 18: Dieter Baum
    Von M/G/1- zum BMAP/G/1- Modell
  • 19: Lothar Breuer
    Approximating Semi-Markov Processes by MAPs, with an Application on Queueing Theory
  • 20: Randal E. Bryant, Christoph Meinel
    Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams in Electronic Design Automation
  • 21: Christoph Meinel, Volker Schillings
    tele-TASK - Teleteaching Anywhere Solution Kit
  • 22: A. Kaplan, R. Tichatschke
    Weak Error Tolerance Criterion in Generalized Proximal Methods
  • 23: S.B. Hazra, V.Schulz
    Simultaneous Pseudo-Timestepping for PDE-model Based Optimization Problems


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