List of Technical Reports Mathematics / Computer Science 2003

  • 01: Dieter Baum
    Räumliche Markov-additive Prozesse und Bedienstationen ohne Warteraum
  • 02: Ditmar Erdmann
    A new Proof of the Beckenbach Inequalities
  • 03: Wei Zhou, Christoph Meinel
    Implement Role-Based Access Control with Attribute Certificates
  • 04: Christoph Meinel, Volker Schillings
    tele-TASK - Teleteaching praxistauglich für den Universitätsalltag
  • 05: Feng Cheng, Paul Ferring, Christoph Meinel
    Lock-Keeper Technology - A New Network Security Solution
  • 06: Michael Schmitt, Christoph Meinel
    Design and Implementation of a PHP-based Web Server for the Tele-Lab IT-Security


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