List of Technical Reports Mathematics/Computer Science 2006

  • 06-5: K Ito, K. Kunisch, I. Gherman, V. Schulz
    Approzimate Nullspace Iterations for KKT Systems in Model Based Optimization
  • 06-4: S. Maneth, Th. Perst, H. Seidl
    Exact XML Type Checking in Polynomial Time
  • 06-3: J. H. Maruhn, E. W. Sachs
    Robust Static Hedging of Barrier Options in Stochastic Volatility Models
  • 06-2: D. Görgen, M. Transier, P. Sturm, W. Effelsberg
    Distributed Script - A Mobile Application for Multi-hop Ad-hoc Networks
  • 06-1: Patrick Reuther

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