Dr. Cornelia Chadi (geb. Strüwing)


Articles in Refeered Journals

Out-of-Partnership Births in East and West Germany, Review of Economics of the Household, Vol.18, 2020, pp. 853-881 (with Uwe Jirjahn)

Single Motherhood in East and West Germany: What Can Explain the Differences? European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 15, 2018, pp. 197-229 (with Uwe Jirjahn).

Locus of Control and Performance Appraisal, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 142, 2017, pp. 205-225 (with John S. Heywood and Uwe Jirjahn).

Recent Working Papers

Does Society Influence the Gender Gap in Risk Attitudes? Evidence from East and West Germany, IZA DP, No. 12100, 2019 (with Uwe Jirjahn)

Risk Attitude and Nonmarital Birth (with Uwe Jirjahn), IZA DP, No. 10316, 2016.