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    • Drüe, C., Heinemann, G. 2010: <link fileadmin fb6 prof umw forschung nationelparkeifel druee_heinemann_bericht_fluxpat_2010.pdf>Messkampagne FLUXPAT 2009. Umweltmeteorologie der Universität Trier, 13pp.
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      [Complete Volume/Heftinhalt (PDF, from DMG)]

    • Drüe, C.; Heinemann, G., 2004: 'Investigation of the stable boundary layer over Greenland, results from the aircraft-based experiment IGLOS' 16th Symposium on Boundary Layers and Turbulence, Portland, Maine, USA, 09-13 August 2004, American Meteorological Society, CDROM.
      [Summary (from AMS)] [Extended Abstract (PDF, from AMS)]

    • Drüe, C., Heinemann, G., 2003: 'High Resolution Maps of Sea-Ice Concentration Derived from MODIS Satellite Data', Ice and Climate News (The Arctic Climate System Study / Climate and Cryosphere Project Newsletter), 4, p. 9.
      [Newsletter (PDF, from ACSYS)]