Counseling and Information for Doctoral Candidates

Graduates who are interested in doctoral studies at Trier University can find counseling and information at various contact points.

Doctoral candidates can find comprehensive information on the various aspects that are relevant during a doctorate on the homepage of the Graduate Center of Trier University (GUT). The GUT supports you with informational events, further academic qualification and personal counseling services during the processing of your dissertation, and with all questions regarding financing, planning and organizing your doctorate.

The Scholarship Advisory Service helps you to find funding opportunities for your doctoral studies.


Doctoral candidates who are planning to stay abroad during their doctorate can get advice on programs and funding opportunities in the International Office.


If you are seeking continuing education and qualification for your teaching skills during your doctoral studies, please get in touch with the Centre for University Didactics.

Female graduates will find additional support with the decision or the preparation for this phase in the mentoring programm of the Equal Opportunity Unit.

Research Data Management and IT Infrastructure

The eScience Service Center offers counseling and support for planning, applying for and carrying out IT-based research projects, as well as for questions about handling research data and securing it in the long term. Here you will find information on research data management and the services offered for digital research.

Knowledge Transfer and Business Startups

The Knowledge Transfer and Startup Service supports the university’s cooperation with businesses and society. It offers support for the funding of application-oriented research, the initiation of cooperation with businesses and society and for business startups.

Balancing Academic Qualification with Work and/or Family

Trier University is committed to supporting its members in balancing university tasks with family responsibility. Family constellations are as diverse as the questions and support needs that can arise if the various areas of life are to be properly balanced. The Trier University Family Office is the central point of contact for all questions related to balancing academic goals with work/family. It offers personal counseling and support for all members of Trier University on combining studies, academic qualifications and/or work with family. You can find information on the support offered in the Family Information Portal.

Formalities / Registration / Enrollment

Doctoral procedures and examination requirements are specified in the doctoral regulations of the faculties (Fachbereiche). In order to be accepted for a doctorate at Trier University, you must first find a topic and a supervisor and then register for the doctorate in the dean's office of the respective faculty. In addition, you can enroll as a doctoral student in the Admission Office.

Additional Literature

For orientation before and during the doctorate, the network QualitätsZirkel Promotion has created some manuals.

    The manual “Doing your doctorate. Making consious decisions and getting off to a good start" suggests various funding options for those beginning their doctoral studies and explains various doctoral structures.

    In the manual “Shaping a Doctorate Together - Guidelines for Supervisors and Doctoral Candidates" you will find helpful information on the mutual expectations during the supervision process and also on possible conflict situations.

In the small manual library of the Graduate Center there are more books on the subject of doctoral studies which can be accessed during office hours (also at other times by arrangement).