Financing Your Doctorate

It rarely happens that a doctorate is financed by one, single funding method. Most doctoral candidates have funding from mixed sources during their doctorate, which can change and can also vary depending on the individual situation and personal focus and goals.

The website of the Graduate Center (GUT) provides information on possible types of funding over the course of the doctorate.

Funding Opportunities During the Doctorate

Doctoral candidates can apply for various funding options in the different phases of the doctorate, such as:

    Short-term scholarschips to start your doctorate

    Full doctorate sholarships

    Re-entry scholarship for female researchers

    Funding for stays abroad

    Funding for conference participation abroad (DAAD, Resarch Departement)

The Scholarship _Advisory Service is available as a contact for all prospective doctoral candidates. You can find initial information, current openings and tips on the homepage of the Scholarship Advisory Service. In addition, you can arrange for a personal counseling appointment.

The International Office is also the contact for other options to finance various types of stays abroad during your doctorate (research stays, teaching stays abroad, participation in exchange programs e.g. ERASMUS+  for doctoral candidates).