Trier University offers postdocs a variety of options for funding research and publication projects, financial support for conference travel, holding academic events and establishing networks and cooperation relationships at national and international levels:

Start-Up Funding for Research and Qualification Projects

Funds of up to € 5,000 can be applied for from the Research Fund’s budget for the start-up funding of third-party-funded projects and for funding qualification projects (habilitation, “second book”). The funding decision is made by the Senate Research Commission.

Short-Term Scholarships

The university awards short-term scholarships based on specific calls. To prepare for a qualification project at the university, postdocs can apply for a scholarship funded by the Rhineland-Palatinate Research Initiative. The primary goal of the scholarship program is to enable excellent postdocs from the university to prepare an exposé for applications to research funding institutions.

Re-Entry Scholarship

Female researchers can receive support through a MWWK re-entry scholarship to help them re-enter the academic world after taking time off for family or following qualified employment. The aim is to complete an academic work that they had already started. Female researchers who have interrupted their academic work for up to five years due to educational and caregiving tasks or because of at least five years of qualified employment (of which at least three years took place outside the university) before starting the scholarship are eligible to apply.

Information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Research, Continuing Education and Culture Rhineland-Palatinate at:

When applying, the first point of contact at Trier University is the Equal Opportunity Unit.

Publication Projects

To support publications in genuine open-access journals, funding can be requested from the open-access publication fund funded by the DFG.

GUT Publication Prize

The Graduate Center ot Trier University awards puplication prizes every year as a distinction for outstanding academic publications. Academic publications that have appeared in a specialist journal or anthology over the past two years can be submitted as competition entries. A jury comprising members of the respective faculties (Fachbereiche) evaluates the publications according to research achievement, relevance and originality. Each of the six prizes is remunerated with 500 euros.

Research Funding within the University – Travel Allowance for Participation in International Conferences

From the budget of the research fund, postdocs can apply for a travel allowance of up to € 500 for participation in international conferences, provided that they are invited to participate with their own lecture or poster.

Grants for Academic Events

For the preparation and implementation of workshops, meetings and conferences at Trier University, grants of up to € 3,000 per event can be requested from the research fund budget. The funding is advertised separately twice a year with an application deadline for the 1st of April and October. The Presidium will decide where the funding will be awarded.

TriGUT – Funding for Meetings and Conferences

With its “TriGUT” project, the GUT funds conferences and meetings organized by young academics.

UniGR – Funding for Academic Events

The UniGR supports the organization of academic events with a cross-border character – the format of the academic events can vary from conferences, colloquiums and workshops to summer schools.

Stays Abroad

The International Office provides counseling on research funding and teaching stays abroad.