Welcome to the Educational Sciences

Modern societies are characterized by the proliferation of forms of knowledge, the acceleration of its circulation and transformation as well as the increasing importance of organisations. A thorough understanding of processes of knowledge creation and of the social organisation of knowledge is indispensable.

The Educational Science section addresses these developments in teaching and research, particularly the development and organisation of education, social work and welfare policy with the aim of changing people's attitudes and behaviour. A major focus of applying these theorical considerations is on the professional fields of social work and the organisation of welfare services.

Degree Programmes
The section teaches major parts of the Bachelor's degree "Social pedagogy and organisational studies" and the entire range of courses in the Master's degree "Organisation of the Social" (a one-subject major or a minor). Students are trained particularly to reflect on interrelations between organisational and professional processes of structuring in education and social work.

About Our Research
The section's five units research the development of educational fields. The latter are described are social and cultural products of interconnected professional and knowledge-based organizational processes. A main area of the devision's research is that within various forms of educational organisations, professionals structurally expect change in the persons they address. Therefore, the academic staff's research focuses on the following topics:

  • "development of professional competencies",
  • establishment of new models of knowledge",
  • "Implementation and enforcement of professional and organisational structures in increasingly complex welfare systems"

Educational Science is organized into five units. One professor heads each unit: