Japanese Theatre Transcultural: German and Italian Perspectives

Symposium date: 27– 29 November 2009

Venue: Bischöfliches Priesterseminar, Promotionsaula, Trier, Germany

Organization: Andreas Regelsberger (Japanese Studies, Trier)

Stanca Scholz-Cionca (University of Trier)

Bonaventura Ruperti (Ca' Foscari University of Venice)

Symposium Programme


Friday, 27th November 2009

14.30-15.00 Registration
15.00-15.30 Opening

Welcome adresses:
Prof. Dr. Hilaria Gössmann, Dean, Faculty of Language, Literature and Media Studies, University of Trier
Prof. Dr. Stanca Scholz-Cionca, University of Trier
Prof. Dr. Bonaventura Ruperti, University of Venice

Afternoon session
15.30-16.00    Monique Arnaud (Milan):    
Inspiring Traditions: Teaching Noh for the Opera Stage

16.00-16.30    Pia Schmitt (Tokyo):
Early German Encounters with Noh

16.30-17.00    Coffee break

17.00-17.30    Diego Pellecchia (London):
The International Noh Institute of Milan: Transmission of Ethics and Ethics of Transmission in the transnational Context

17.30-18.00    Luciana Galliano (Venice):
Japan and Contemporary Opera (in Italy)


Saturday, 28th November 2009

Morning session
09.30-10.00    Andreas Regelsberger (Trier):
The Rediscovery of Bertold Brecht’s Judith of Shimoda

10.00-10.30    Erika Fischer-Lichte (Berlin):
Interweaving European and Japanese Cultures at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century - Japanese Guest-Tours in Europe

10.30-11.00    Coffee break

11.00-11:30    Barbara Geilhorn (Berlin):
The Ocean Betrayed – Mishimas Gogo no eikô as Opera

11.30-12.00    Stanca Scholz-Cionca (Trier):
Brecht Revisited: Yabuhara, the Blind Master Minstrel by Inoue Hisashi

12.00-14.30    Lunch break

Afternoon session


14.30-15.00    Bonaventura Ruperti (Venice):
Greek Tragedies in the Productions of Ninagawa Yukio

15.00-15.30    Donato Sartori (Abano Terme):
Maschere: Oriente e Occidente a confronte

15.30-16.00    Niino Morihiro (Tokyo):
Armin Petras and Sakate Yôji – Tendencies of the Socio-Critical Theatre in Germany and Japan

16.30    City Tour


Sunday, 29th November 2009

Morning session

9.30-10.00    Oliver Sturm (Berlin):
Zeami's Nishikigi as Radio Drama

10.00-10.30    Thomas Niehaus (Bochum):
Directing in Japan

10.30-11.00    Coffee break

11.00-11.30    Katja Centonze (Cosenza):
Topoi of Performativity: Italian Bodies in Japanese Spaces / Japanese Bodies in Italian Spaces

11.30-12.00    Hans-Thies Lehmann (Frankfurt):
Theatre of Social Criticism: Rinkôgun and the Brechtian Heritage

12.00-13.00 round table discussion