Key to Japanese Culture

The Department of Japanese Studies at Trier University has a cultural studies orientation focusing especially on literature, theatre, gender, media and culture (including popular culture). Our students acquire profound knowledge of historical and contemporary Japan and the Japanese language. Thus, they become experts on Japan capable of providing insights and interpretations based on an elaborate understanding of cultural and historical backgrounds, and of present-day Japan. 

About Our Course of Studies

BA and MA courses of Japanese Studies can be combined with any other major or minor except Public Law (see also "Fächerkombinationen").  

Studying Japanese Studies in Trier also means having the opportunity to spend one or two semesters abroad at one of our 14 current partner universities in Japan. The Department of Japanese Studies is furthermore engaged in interdisciplinary collaboration and research such as supplementary certificates in “East Asian Studies” and “Interdisciplinary Gender Studies” or Japanese Studies as a compulsory elective course. 

About Our Research

Research at the Japanese Studies Department of Trier University focuses on classic and contemporary literature, theatre, gender, media, popular culture and language education. Interdisciplinary research projects are a very important aspect. Examples are: “Intercultural encounters mirrored in literature and (TV) movies – A Japanese-German comparison” or “Germany, Japan, Russia today: Intercultural encounters in contemporary poetry”. 

Within the German-speaking research community research on Japanese theatre is an area that has been strongly influenced by the Department of Japanese Studies at Trier University.

Further information on these pages has not been translated into English. Please use the German-language information or contact us. You will receive further information by phone or email. 

Partner Universities

Partner Universities

  • Daitô Bunka Universität, Tôkyô (seit 2006)
  • Hirosaki Universität, Aomori (seit 1999)
  • Nara Frauenuniversität, Nara (seit 2006)
  • Ôsaka Gakuin Universität (seit 1995)
  • Ôsaka Kyôiku Universität (seit 2013)
  • Sophia Universität, Tôkyô (seit 1997)
  • Tôhoku Gakuin Universtität, Sendai (seit 2006)
  • Tôkyô Gakugei Universität (seit 1997)
  • Waseda Universität, Tôkyô (seit 2002)
  • Shimane Universität
  • Utsunomiya Universität
  • Kobe Universität
  • Meiji Gakuin Universität, Tôkyô
  • Tôkyô University of Foreign Studies