Guidelines on scientific research

When writing your papers please consider the current guidelines (German). Furthermore, consider the subject specific information of the library, inter alia with a guideline on scientific research (German).


Plagiarism is the illegal adoption and distribution of another author’s text of any kind and form without reference to the source. It is plagiarism to copy a whole paper (Hausarbeit) or parts of it, as well as to paraphrase a passage within a text and to adopt arguments and facts without naming the source in each case. To hand in a plagiarism instead of an independently written paper is no peccadillo, but a grave offense against scientific rules and constitutes an act of willful deceit.
An act of willful deceit is also constituted if a paper (Hausarbeit) is handed in, which has already been handed in (as a whole or in parts) for another course of Political Science or of a different subject of study.

Please also keep in mind that the lecturers exchange names of students that committed plagiarism.
For questions feel free to contact  Dr. Lasse Cronqvist.

To prevent plagiarism all students of Political Science at the University of Trier have to attach a signed „Eidesstattliche Erklärung“ (certificate of authorship) with their paper. Please use the following form.

► Form Statutory Declaration (in German)(PDF)