Call for Papers

Workshop Goals

The goal of this workshop is to discuss the aforementioned and other relevant questions that help us to understand what is necessary from a requirements engineering perspective to prepare a solid, reliable and merchantable proposal, without the time to do a “complete” requirements analysis. To support the requirements engineers or sales persons, we want to discuss and present different ideas and possible solutions on a (tool-based) RE methodology for the more effective and efficient creation of bid proposals.

Key Questions

This workshop mainly aims at discussing questions motivated in this regard. This includes but is not limited to the following questions:

  • What are the central problems when preparing a bid?
  • How can we handle lacking IT affinity of the decision makers? How can we present software projects in a way that is understandable for decision makers?
  • How can we use common procedure models to resolve specific challenges of requirement analyses during the precontract phase?
  • Can we apply common methods of requirement engineering in the precontract phase, or are they just to complex and cost intensive??
  • Can we find innovative methods that are able to come to reliable cost estimate before a detailed requirements analysis is possible?
  • What are the constraints of current tools supporting the bid proposal management?
  • How can we minimize the risks to write imprecise and wrong calculated proposals?
  • How can we show effects of changes in the complexity of software projects?
  • Can we find best practices in the communication about the requirements with our stakeholders?
  • How can we validate the requirements in the dialog with our stakeholders?
  • How can we reduce the time that has to be invested in a valid proposal?
  • Can we build on common procedure models and the functionality of supportive tools to find an innovative method to support requirement engineering for bid proposal management?
  • How can we transport the build knowledge from the precontract phase into the project phase, even when the team changes.


Short Papers (up to 6 pages) from research and practice are welcome. The selection of papers will be based on workshop relevance, academic rigor, innovation, industrial applicability, and quality of writing. Each submitted paper will be reviewed by at least two Program Committee (PC) members, each of whom is noted for their contributions to the requirements engineering field.