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Frings, C., Förster, A., Moeller, B., Pastötter, B., & Pfister R. (2023). The relation between learning and stimulus-response binding. Psychological Review.

Pfister, R., Schwarz, K. A., Holzmann, P., Reis, M., Yogeeswaran, K., & Kunde, W. (2023). Headlines win elections: Mere exposure to fictitious news media alters voting behavior.PLOS ONE, 18(8).

Reis, M., Pfister, R., & Kunde, W. (2023). The action-dynamics of dark creativity.SSRN Electronic Journal.

Schulz, A., Larra y Ramirez, M. F., Vögele, C., Kölsch, M., & Schächinger, H. (2023). The relationship between self-reported chronic stress, physiological stress axis dysregulation and medically-unexplained symptoms. Biological Psychology, 108690.

Schulz, A., Welsch, S.-K., Etringer, S., Hansen, G., Milbert, L., Schneider, J., Taddei, G., Gomez Bravo, R., Lygidakis, C., van Dyck, Z., Lutz, A., Wilmes, P., & Vögele, C. (2023). Lower gastric sensitivity in quiescent inflammatory bowel disease than in irritable bowel syndrome. Physiology & Behavior, 270, 114293.

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Geissler, C., Gauselmann, P., Jilek, C., Maus, H., Frings, C., & Tempel, T. (2023). A functional near-infrared spectroscopy study on the prefrontal correlates of cognitive offloading via a personal knowledge assistant. Scientific Reports, 13(1).


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