Information for active students

Research Case Studies

Research case studies are usually offered in winter semesters. There is a meeting at the end of each summer semester where available topics are presented and groups are formed.

In exceptional cases, topics for research case studies may also be offered outside this regular schedule. Please watch out for announcements.

Master's Thesis

In general, topics for Master's thesis are distributed twice a year (once per semester) in a coordinated form. We will send an email to all students when a new distribution round starts. In each round, we will collect which students are interested in doing a thesis and then distribute them among the three areas (computer science, mathematics, and statistics) based on interests and prior results. Outside this process, topics for theses are given out only in exceptional cases.

Sometimes, students want to do their thesis externally with a company. In such cases, it is necessary to find a supervisor at university before you start with the thesis. Note that not all professors supervise external theses, and it may be possible that no supervisor can be found for your specific topic of choice.


Internships are not a part of the curriculum in the Master of Science Data Science, and we do not advertise such internships in companies. However, if you want to do an internship with a company, you are free to do so, and an internship is often useful to better understand the work of a data scientist in induesty. Based on our experience, it is hard if not impossible to attend courses during an internship, so you will very likely take longer than the typical four semesters to finish your studies.

Internship contracts

Some internships, especially in Luxembourg and France, require that the university co-signes an internship contract. In this case, please consider this page for further information. The required form can be signed by the chair of the examination committee, provided that the planned internship is relevant for your studies. Please contact the chair of the examination committee via email.

Regulations and Module List

Information on the official regulations and on the modules offered can be found here.


For specific questions regarding the studies, please feel free to contact us: