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The International Office at Trier University provides advice on funding for internships abroad.
Further information on teacher trainings abroad can be found under the category Teaching Abroad.

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Organisation of Internships Abroad

Insurance Coverage during the Internship

Intership Contracts - The University as Co-Signer

Language Tests

Funding Programmes for Internships Abroad

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You would like to teach abroad? Find more information here: Teaching abroad. 

Organisation of Internships Abroad

How do I organise an intership abroad?

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Where can I find internships offered (i.e. interships not offered directly within the funding programme):

Often, students apply for internships by THEMSELVES (so to say "blindly") without any prior intership announcements at an - from the student's point of view - attractive company. However, internship announcements can be found at:

Furthermore, on the websites of the DAAD you can find:

Insurance Coverage during the Internship

Please keep in mind that youraccident insurance coverage by Trier University will generally no longerapply during your internship!

The company providing the internship often requires a certificate for health insurance certificate as well as for accident insurance and liability insurance. In order to be enrolled, you are obliged to have health insurance. Contrary to French universities, Trier University will not cover yourcasualty/accidentsduringyourinternshipabroad. However, this is part of most French (or Luxembourgish) sample contracts by default that we can hence not sign. Therefore, we would kindly ask you to make use of our sample contract (see right).

Please contact your internship company beforehand if you have to take care of adequate health-, liability- and accident insurance yourself.

If this is the case, you can either contact private insurance companies or in or in some cases apply for the combined health-, casualty and private liability insurance via the DAAD's group contract (Kombinierte Kranken-, Unfall- und Privathaftpflichtversicherung über den Gruppenvertrag des DAAD)

Internship Agreements - Trier University as Cosignatory

If you are doing an internship in France, Luxembourg or also other countries, the International Office can provide you with an internship agreement ("Convention de Stage" or "Placement Agreement") in French and English (see right column under "Download Forms"). This agreement is written in such a way that it meets the social security requirements of companies. We can examine and sign ONLY OUR OWN contract template (NO EXTERNAL or alternative contracts).

Furthermore, it is important that you follow the same course of studies throughout the entire period of your internship and that you can attest this to us without further request.

ATTENTION - Changes since the Corona time!! All documents can be send via email to (as pdf). After inspection of the documents the internship agreement will be signed digitally by us and send back to you. This is an exception and runs until further notice!  

In order for us to sign the contract, we need the following documents:

  1. certificates of enrolment (e.g. Porta-printout) for the WHOLE period of your internship
  2. your filled-in "declaration"  (page 1 of the internship agreement - see right under "Download Forms")
  3. the "Certificate of the degree program", i.e. that within your CURRENT course of studies, your internship is relevant for your studies and/or can be accredited (see right "Download Forms"). Please ask one of your professors or the Erasmus-coordinator of your current course of studies to issue this. We need the confirmation of your subjects to comply with the social security criteria of French/Luxembourgish companies. 
  4. the internship agreement ("Convention de Stage" or "Placement Agreement") has to be filled in completely. Then you can submit it either in 3 original paper versions OR via Email (then one version is sufficient). You as well as your internship company have to HAVE SIGNED already!

==> You must bring/email these documents to us completely filled out at least two weeks before the start of your internship.

==> After checking them we can sign your internship contract.

==> Attention! Due to time constraints, we cannot process incomplete documents or request missing documents/data. The completeness of the documents is solely your responsibility! Incomplete documents will NOT be processed!

Contact persons from the departments are NOT authorised to sign the placement agreement. The agreement has to be signed by us in the International Office.

Language tests

Up-to-date information about language tests, that are regularly offered at Trier University, can be found here.




EU-Programme ERASMUS-Internships

The Agency for International Academic Mobility (AIM) assigns scholarships, taken from ressources of the Erasmus-Programme, for internships with a duration of 2 to 12 months in 33 European countries. The internships can be organised by the applicants themselves; if required the contact point can pass on potential company addresses. Applications can be submitted until shortly before the internship starts and even without a safe internship position.

Target group
Students after their 2nd semester and postgraduates as well as doctoral candidates.

More information

Frau Rath/Frau Johann
Agentur für internationale Hochschul-Mobilität (a.i.m. rlp)
c/o Hochschule Trier
D - 54293 Trier
Tel.: 0651/8103-236/313/349

At the latest: three weeks before the start of the internship

DAAD-PROMOS-scholarships for internships abroad outside Europe


Further details can be found under the category




DAAD Lehramt.International: Internships Abroad for Teacher Trainees

New Teacher Trainee Programme by the DAAD:
Funding of self organised internships between one to six months at educational and higher educational institutions abroad

Target group
Teacher trainees enrolled at German universities of all subject combinations and all school forms

More information

Application deadline
perennial, at the latest four weeks prior to the start of the internship

DAAD Short-Term Scholarships

Internships at the following institutions can be supported by a short-term scholarship:

  • internships at international organisations (UN, EU)
  • internships at external German representation
  • internships at German schools abroad
  • internships at institutes which are part of the Max-Weber-Foundation
  • internships at Goethe-Institutes
  • internships at the German Archeological Institute abroad
  • internships at selected institutes for foreign cultural policy

Funding for self-procured specialised internships with a minimum duration of 40 calender days. The maximum duration for support is 3 months regardless of the actual duration of the internship.

Target group
Students in their 2nd semester or higher and graduate students.

More information
Daad-Short-Term Scholarship

Application deadline
Two months prior to the departure, directly at the DAAD, department ST41.

Internships via AIESEC and IAESTE

AIESEC and IAESTE are organisations run by students for students. Both organisation offer assistance in finding internship offers for German students abroad as well as for international students in Germany.

AIESEC supports students of all subjects, whereas IAESTE only supports students from science-oriented and engineering degrees.

Target group
Students in their 2nd semester or higher and graduate students

More information: and


STEP – Student Trainee Exchange Programme

STEP is a students union of law students and assigns internships to students.

Target group
Law students

More information

Application deadline
Generally in May

Internships in international organisations (Carlo-Schmid-Programm)

Funding of self organised internships and internships with placement processes in international organisations to improve chances for qualified students and postgraduates of working in an international organisation such as the UN or institutions of the EU.

Target group
Students that have finished their foundation courses (after their 4th semester) and postgraduates.

More information

Application deadline
Generally until January


The DAAD-Programme RISE weltweit - specialised internships for students of natural sciences, geosciences and engineering.

Specialised internships in predefined projects worldwide for a duration of eight weeks to three months.

Target group
Undergraduate students in biology, chemistry, geosciences or related subjects (e.g. informatics)

More information

Application deadline
Generally in November (Canada: September)

DAAD Short-Term-Scholarships Taiwan - Students of natural sciences and engineering

DAAD Short-Term-Scholarships for German postgraduates of natural sciences and engineering in Taiwan  - Taiwan Summer Institute Programme

Introductory seminar and internship at Taiwanese industrial institutes or at university institutes in August and September.

Target group
Postgraduates in natural sciences or related subjects

More information

Application deadline
Generally until January

DAAD-Programme Language and Experience in the People's Republic of China (Sprache und Praxis in der VR China)

Go to:

DAAD-Programme Language and Experience in Japan (Sprache und Praxis in Japan)

DAAD-Programme Go East - Russia in Practice (Russland in der Praxis)

Funding for graduates and undergraduates who intern at a company in Russia. Funding for internships including a mandatory introductory and final seminar over a period of six months from October to April as well as from April to September. 

Target group
German undergraduate and graduate students as well as postgraduates of all subjects.

More informationen

Application periods:
For the summer term: Generally in November
For the winter term: Generally in May

USA Interns – German-US-American Trainee Programme by the Steuben-Schurz-Gesellschaft e. V.

Providing study-related internships in the U.S.

Target group 
Students after their second year (if necessary with prediploma/intermediate examination)

More information

Application deadline
Six months prior to the start of the internship

Work & Travel Programme of the Deutsch-Kanadische Gesellschaft e. V. (German-Canadian-Association)

This programme offers two-months long summer jobs in Canada with the possibility to travel for one month afterwards. Also, the DKG helps students and junior lawyers in finding internship positions in Canada.

More information

Application deadline
Generally in October (internships) or December (Work & Travel)

Anyone interested in getting involved in the German-Canadian-Association is very welcome - for more information contact Stefanie Morgen, International Office, room V 28

Franco-German Parliamentary Internship

German-Polish Parliamentary Internship

FGYO-Scholarships for practical internships

The Franco-German Youth Office supports specialised internships of at least four weeks which are accredited as component of the home university's subject.

Target group
Students from their 2nd to their 6th semester

More information

Application deadline
One month prior to the start of the internship

Metropolises in Eastern Europe - Scholarship Programme by the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Foundation and the German National Academic Foundation

Scholarships of the GFPS e.V. for combined study and internship stays in the Czech Republic

CERN - Technical Student Programme

CERN offers internship positions for students in numerous subjects (e.g. informatics, law and economics or foreign language philologies)

See also here

More information


Scholarships by the Bayer Science Foundation for Students of Natural Sciences

Eidam & Partner International Scholarship

Kulturweit - International Cultural Voluntary Service of the German Commission for UNESCO

Six to twelve-months long volunteer work in a cultural or educational institution abroad with financial support and accompanying seminar by the German Commission for UNESCO

More information

Application deadline
Generally in November and April

Weltwärts - Development Volunteer Service by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Six to 24-months long development volunteer service in projects in developing countries with financial support by  German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

More information


Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs

Mercator and the German National Academic Foundation provide university graduates of all subject areas with a 13-months long fellowship programme on international affairs in order to prepare them for executive functions at international organisations and NGOs

More information

Application deadline
Generally in Dezember

Cultural Vistas

Cultural Vistas

Cultural Vistas is a non-profit exchange organization dedicated to intercultural exchange and collaboration among individuals and institutions. With over 30 exchange programs, Cultural Vistas connects people and organizations in the U.S. and more than 130 other countries.



Travelworks arranges student internships in the USA for a fee, among other things.


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