15.05.2023: ALOP Kolloquium

Vortrag: NLP Models for Generating Synthetic Vascular Trees

Im Rahmen des Kolloquiums des Graduiertenkollegs Algorithmic Optimization findet am

Montag, dem 15. Mai 2023
16:00 Uhr c.t.
Hörsaal 10

folgender Vortrag statt:

NLP Models for Generating Synthetic Vascular Trees

Marc Steinbach, leibniz Universität Hannover

We introduce a new framework for generating synthetic vascular trees based on NLP models for optimizing the local and global tree geometry. A second novelty is a metaheuristic optimization step for the tree topology.

The talk discusses these optimization models and compares the new algorithm to the standard CCO approach for generating vascular trees. Moreover, it compares the influence of different model variants on trees with 14 branching levels and roughly two million nodes.

The validation against a corrosion cast of a human liver shows that the trees generated by our new framework match the physiological data better than those generated by the standard CCO approach.