Double Master's Degree

There is the possibility to graduate with a double master's degree in

  • Survey Statistics + Economics
  • Survey Statistics + Economic Sociology
  • Survey Statistics + Economic Mathematics

The special feature here is that up to 50 credit points can be credited to both Master's programs and only have to be taken once.

The modules "Survey Sampling", "Elements of Econometrics and Statistics", "Monte-Carlo Simulation Methods" and the preparation of a subject-specific master thesis are mandatory.

The following modules can be substituted in the M.Sc. Survey Statistics:

  • From Economics: Application, Statistics
  • From Economic Sociology: Application, Research Project (depending on the topic)
  • From Business Mathematics: Application

The following modules can be exported from the M.Sc. Survey Statistics:

  • In Economics: Research Project, Methods
  • In Economic Sociology: Research Project, Electives
  • In Business Mathematics: VWL Modules

Other combinations are possible, but must be approved by the examination board. Details will be discussed with the program coordinator.