My research interests lie in the field of human-environment relations. I draw on work in political economy, economic geography, urban studies and the governance literature to examine how actors seek to access, influence and change processes and practices in respect to sustainable development. My work spans from land use and resource conflicts, environmental activism, planning issues and urban sustainability to green economies all within the broader context of climate change. I largely enjoy teaching and working with students around my research interests and ongoing local and international debates.

I joined the University of Trier in February 2020 after 16 years abroad. I received my PhD in Geography from Simon Fraser University, Canada, which focused on forest conflicts, environmental activism and forest conservation in British Columbia, Canada, and Tasmania, Australia. Following my PhD, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Luxembourg working on regional planning and urban climate change policies with an emphasis on green building. During my time as a visiting scholar at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, my research revolved around the environmental justice movement and green entrepreneurship in New England. From 2014-2020, I worked as lecturer and senior lecturer at the University of Hull, UK, where I expanded my research in the field of urban greening and the green economy. There, I also held the roles of Programme Director, Director of Studies and Deputy Head of Department.